Garages and garage doors protect some of the highest value assets owned by our clients’ luxury properties and estates and it is essential that they are secured to the correct level of security. If you are a collector of high value vehicles, antique or elite cars or even antique high value goods, then ensuring you have the highest level of security is paramount. When incorporated into the main property, or part of another entrance/exit to the property such as mews garages, it is important that the garage security at the very least matches the security of the main property. This can only be executed with a high level security Garage Door.

Why is a Secure Garage Door important for Prime Residential Homes?

Unfortunately garage security is often reduced in favour of aesthetics, and the link to the main property is not sufficiently secured in lieu. Likewise standalone garages are often incorrectly treated at a separate security level to the main property.


Technical information for Garage Doors

Security Ratings

Equilux garage doors are design to complement the design of luxury properties whilst still providing the necessary high security requirements. Independently tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) all Equilux Garages doors are security rated to LPS1175, Issue 7, SR2 as standard, with higher security ratings and bespoke resistance available. The SR2 security rating is designed to resist a determined attack by an opportunist using bodily physical force and tools with a high mechanical advantage and is suitable for most high-risk domestic applications. The SR3 security rating is designed to resist more experienced attackers and with a wider range of hand and power tools.

LockDown Security System

Incorporating the LockDown security system, the Equilux Garage Door cannot be lifted by force yet does not require any form of secondary locking, ensuring ease of user operation. Whilst security is always of prime importance, the Equilux Garage Door still carries the hallmarks of the Equilux Home Security Shutter system.


Garage Door Finishes

Finishes are offered in a wide range of polyester powder coat colours or anodising to provide an aesthetic shutter that does not detract from the property. Likewise, the shutter curtain style is designed to suit the domestic environment. Equilux Garage Doors can be controlled via simple pushbutton or key switch, or integrated into a building management system, or independent remote control. You can see the full range of Equilux finishes.

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