Contemporary security shutters

A mix of traditional master craftsmanship combined with the latest building design techniques have been effectively combined in this stunning property in the heart of the Cotswolds countryside. The property, set in its own valley, comprises a period cottage with a contemporary extension built into the hillside.

To maximise the visual opportunities of the surrounding countryside, vast glazed facades have been incorporated into the design, with Equilux security shutters intelligently concealed within the honey-coloured Cotswold stone. When lowered, the anodised shutters’ have a subtle matt silver finish which complements the natural choice of building materials.

Equilux security shutters provide security not only when the property is empty, but also during warm nights when the windows are open. As a bespoke solution for this unique property, the shutters are perforated to allow the shutters to remain closed at night whilst allowing natural ventilation from the cooler external air.

The shutters have been fully integrated into the property’s Building Management System and can be remotely controlled at the touch of a button.

Product and technical information

The Equilux 180LS lintel shutter system incorporates a shutter within a structural lintel, providing an unobtrusive structurally integrated solution.

The lintel and cavity closer elements of the system are installed in the traditional manner at the time of build. The system addresses the usual issues of lintel design, such as structural loadbearing, cold bridging and damp proofing, but has the added benefit of acting as a security shutter when required. The shutter curtain is installed as a second-fix item via an internal maintenance access panel.

In the raised position, the shutter is completely concealed from view, retaining the clean lines of the opening. In the lowered position, the shutter ensures effective resistance against intruder attack. The absence of visible guide rails or boxes limits the potential for effective attack on the system.

Custom designs such as those for curved and arched windows are available, and aluminium polyester powder coating finishes can be supplied in any RAL/BS colour.


  • Combined structural lintel and shutter hood box for traditional build styles
  • Combined side guide and insulated cavity closer, brick tied to structure
  • System installed at new build stage
  • Routine maintenance via internal access panel
  • Shutter and side guides finished to suit project style
  • Maximum security due to integrated designIntelligent Building Design

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