Residential aluminium security shutters

Working to tight planning restrictions and an exceptionally high property specification, Equilux security shutters have been installed to all basement and ground floor doors and windows, as well as a first floor office, in this luxurious London property.

Aesthetics were of the utmost importance and Charter worked closely with the architect to ensure the shutters remained completely concealed and did not visually protrude into any of the rooms. Despite the lack of space for the larger shutters in the bay and basement windows (the latter of which spanned over 6000mm), this was accomplished by installing the shutters internally using brick slip applied lintels. The shutters have been polyester powder coated to a specialist RAL colour to compliment the property style.

The shutters have been integrated into the property’s Building Management System, along with a unique I-stat indication Panel by the front entrance which confirms at a glance the open / closed position of the shutters. The preferred solution for lifestyle protection.

Product and technical information

Equilux 180BS

The Equilux 180BS has the same features as the standard shutter system, with the added advantage of having adjustable slats on the shutter curtain – essentially enabling the creation of a brise soleil when in the lowered position. This provides shade and reduces glare and solar gain, a potentially valuable contribution to any sustainable building solution.

The system allows the shutter slats to be adjusted automatically, following the movement of the sun throughout the day. This ensures that the optimum balance of natural daylight is achieved.

The Equilux 180BS can provide striking visual effects to large glazed facade, and gives a subtle variation to the appearance of the building throughout the day.

For retro-install applications, the Equilux 180BS adjustable slats system can also be installed within a non-structural headbox. All aluminium is finished to suit clients requirement.


  • Choice of structural or non-structural hood box detail for new build or renovation projects
  • Combined side guide and insulated cavity closer or slimline guide profile
  • Complete solar control with optional Sun Tracker for optimum performance
  • Shutter and side guides polyester powder coated to any RAL/BS colour
  • High level of security and effective solar control
  • Enhances green building efficiency
  • Intelligent Building Design

Equilux 180C

The Equilux 180C is a retro-fit security shutter solution. The aluminium hood box and guide rails have a neat, compact design to minimise the visual impact on existing buildings. Because of its slimline finish the system is often chosen for internal as well as external retro-fit installations.

The shutter curtain comprises twin wall extruded aluminium sections designed to ensure maximum security, and can be supplied in any RAL/BS colour. The system provides a compact shutter of exceptional strength. The slimline guide profiles can be face-fixed or reveal-fixed to existing openings, whilst the motor is housed out of sight within the tube of the shutter. The Equilux 180C can be housed within a soffit or roof overhang for complete concealment.


  • Bolt-on profiled hood box for retro installation to existing structure
  • Slimline side guide profile for fixing direct to structure
  • System installed during renovation or upgrade to existing structure
  • Routine maintenance detachable external hood box
  • Shutter and side guides polyester powder coated to any RAL/BS colour
  • Very high level of physical security
  • Intelligent Building Design


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