Equilux Security Shutters: Shutter Installation

We recently shared information on an extensive strip out and renovation project in Richmond-upon-Thames. This project has now reached the stage of shutter installation. Equilux brick slip lintels featured in this project


The Equilux shutter system is concealed from view and has been installed within the structural lintel. This ensures a completely hidden system, which does not detract from the building design and still ensures very high building security.

Prior to shutter installation the Equilux lintels have been installed by the main contractor, these provide support for the masonry and the timber sash window system used on this project; more information regarding these lintels can be found in our previous article, here.

A sample of the Equilux shutter side guide was issued to the contractor and the timber surrounds to the windows were created prior to the shutter installation. This allowed for a slot within the window reveal to accept the Equilux shutter side guide; again concealed from view, leaving an attractive shadow gap around the reveal. The timber surround to each window includes an access panel to the security shutters. Access is required to the full width of the openings for maintenance and servicing; Charter technicians worked closely with other trades during the design to ensure seamless and concealed access to each opening. In this instance, access is gained from beneath Equilux shutter lintel, within the window reveal.

Once the site works are complete a site survey is carried out to obtain as built site dimensions, the Equilux shutter domestic security shutters are manufactured in the factory in Reading and delivered to the site. Fully qualified, directly employed installation engineers install the shutters and side guides for each opening, test and commission the shutter and leave in full working order. The final connection to the control system for the property is carried out by the building control technicians, using the Equilux wiring details and electrical hardware.

Once the home security shutters are installed the project is nearly complete – but not quite. With every project Charter are happy to demonstrate the shutter operation to the client during the building handover to ensure the client is comfortable with operation of the roller shutters. In addition to this, a service and maintenance program is advised based on the shutter usage to ensure ongoing satisfaction with the Equilux Security Shutters.

shutter installation

Equilux Lintel installed by contractor

shutter installation

Equilux Security Shutter

shutter installation

Window surrounds and plastering complete

shutter installation

Decoration and timber finishing on the way to completion

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