Tips for Buying Residential Security Shutters – Your Home Security Checklist

There are many factors to consider when buying residential roller security shutters. Unlike most retail shutters, they need to be used 24/7 and they need to blend into the home and be aesthetically pleasing. To read more detail on the process behind buying integrated security shutters, you can download our guide here. Below is a simple checklist of tips and considerations when exploring and researching home security shutters.


  1. Integrate

  2. If you are building a new property then you will need to have the option to use a bespoke, integrated security shutter so that it can be concealed from view when not in use. Retro fitted developments can usually have these options too when you use a bespoke security shutter company.



  1. Planning

  2. Planning permissions from local councils can have an impact on the type of security shutter that you use so putting an application in early on in the process will help with choosing internal or external shutters.


  1. Material

  2. It is important to use the right material in order to ensure that the shutter is durable. Aluminium is a good choice because the material is strong, resistant to corrosion and easy to operate. A good choice of finishes is important when looking to enhance aesthetic design both internally and externally.


  1. Lifestyle

  2. Security shutters encompass options, which are largely connected to the lifestyle of the owner. It’s important to research these options, such as blackout and ventilation. Lockdown technology can also ensure that the shutters are never left in an insecure state, with status indication options available to notify the owner if the door has been left open inadvertently. This is particularly useful if the occupants are regularly in and out of the property.



  1. Building Management System (BMS)

  2. The most common way to operate security shutters in any luxury residential development is through the building management system (BMS). A building management, or automation, system is a computer based central control system that controls and monitors the buildings mechanical and electrical equipment, such as heating, lighting, audio visual, power, fire system, ventilation and security systems, from a single handheld device or application on smart devices.


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